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Friday, February 10, 2006

To Do...

Well as life would have it I'm too lazy to actually write a To Do List. But I do have lot's to do, so I'll blog it. Maybe this way I'll actually remember.

  1. Buy a "take-me-home" outfit for Little Bear.
  2. Buy a diaper bag, at least until Catherine gets me that Coach one that she promised. (Note: I'm not holding my breath, but it would be a nice gesture...)
  3. Buy a fucking travel system like I've been trying to do for months now. At the rate I'm going my baby will never get to travel.
  4. Separate baby clothes into what can be worn right after birth and what can't. Wash clothes that will be worn the soonest.
  5. Go to Once Upon a Child in hopes of finding a nice cradle swing.
  6. Search for some sort of baby dresser, hopefully one that can double as a night stand.
  7. Paint toenails, these things I have now are not so attractive to look at.
  8. Take decent picture with Will, to be printed out in black and white and put in a nice frame.
  9. See friends that I probably won't see so much after Little Bear is born.
  10. Force Will to name Little Bear so I can stop calling him Little Bear, what is he, a character in a children's book for God's sake?
  11. Clean my room before it is labeled a hazardous waste site.

I think that's actually everything that I feel the need to do really soon. Oh shit, and I need to preregister at the hospital. And see if the pediatrician is accepting new patients. And set up a WIC appointment...


At 2:27 PM, Blogger jude said...

That's some list!!!

Have you fallen off the edge of blogger land?

Hope everything's good!


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